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Lifestyle Communities in Palm Beach

One of the great things about life in Palm Beach County is the sheer number of lifestyle communities available that cater to most any interest and activity level.

Dining and Shopping in Palm Beach

The Palm Beach area is a dream destination for both shopaholics and total foodies.

The Thriving Culture of Palm Beach, Florida

If learning and soaking in culture is a favorite pastime, look no further than West Palm Beach.

How is the Education in Palm Beach County?

Both private and public schools in the county offer a wide variety of programs and specialties, sure to enrich the educational experience of any child, helping to form a bright future.

Palm Beach County Supports an Active Lifestyle

Palm Beach County offers endless recreational choices for active residents and visitors.

Can I Live Affordably in Palm Beach?

Reasonably-priced communities are abundant in the Palm Beach area.

Palm Beach Communities that Fit Your Lifestyle

Palm Beach County offers a vast array of communities to choose from, surely allowing for at least one of which will fit your lifestyle.

Everything You Need To Know About Moving To Palm Beach County

Welcome to paradise, where the sun shines, rain storms come and go quickly, the skies are always blue and the grass is always green. There’s no need for snow shovels, ice picks or window scrapers here. This is, after all, Florida.

10 Things You Didn't Know About South Florida

Here are some fun facts about the Palm Beach/South Florida area that you likely didn't know.

Housing & Neighborhoods of Palm Beach County

In the past decade, the Harris Poll listed Florida as the No. 1 state where most Americans would like to live, and this favoritism spanned all age groups!

Diverse Housing Options in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County offers a high diversity of housing options, in prices ranging from highly affordable to those only affordable to the wealthy.

Transit Oriented Development in Palm Beach County

Construction is underway on South Florida's two rail lines that run through urban West Palm Beach, and they are bringing major housing developments with them.
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